Shaan Patel’s Interview with OfferVault at #ASW20

Shaan Patel being interviewed by OfferVault at #ASW20 at Paris Las Vegas in January 2020

We had an amazing experience at Affiliate Summit West #ASW20 held at Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas this past January. We had the opportunity to connect with some of our existing clients and vendors and got to meet a bunch of new people. Check out the video above of Shaan Patel, our Chief Operating Officer being interviewed by OfferVault News at the event.

Shaan was asked what he saw are some trends that he’s noticing in the lead generation space, and replied with “I would say some of the biggest trends that we’re starting to see now in lead generation is ensuring quality is really important.” Shaan elaborated that agents and the consumer of leads are looking for quality over quantity. Being that Lucky Eight Media is a relatively new company within the realm of lead generation, OfferVault asked what type of advice Shaan would give to someone just starting off within the industry. Shaan replied with “anyone just getting started in lead generation, I would highly recommend that they find someone who’s had a good amount of experience in lead generation or anything related to affiliate marketing and talk to them and ask some questions and sort of figure out how they did it and what struggles they went through, the problems they went through, and the adversity [that they encountered] and had to overcome in order to get to where they are now.” The takeaway being it doesn’t hurt to ask people within the industry how to get started and to consult some advice from industry veterans. When asked what Shaan thought the biggest opportunities would be for 2020, Shaan replied: “…I would say the biggest opportunities in the market has to do with ping-post… ping-post is one of the main ways leads are being delivered… A lot of the platforms that are out there are really outdated and haven’t been updated in quite some time… A company that Lucky Eight is working with is called Railtree, they are a new lead platform within the ping-post space…”

For more information about Lucky Eight Media, and to learn more about what the company does, visit our homepage to learn more.

We had a blast at #ASW20. Shaan Patel manning the booth for Lucky Eight Media.

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