Four Reasons to Go Solar This Winter

Solar panels can be beneficial in most regions and throughout all seasons of the year!

You might not have felt it in the air, but winter is just around the corner. Now that we’re in the final few months of the year, you may be thinking about preparing your home for colder and wetter nights. But if you’ve been considering going solar, winter is a great time. Solar customers are actually primed for a bargain when they install panels in the winter! Here are four reasons you should go solar this snowy season.

1) Your panels will work all year long.

Your common sense might tell you that solar panels sit idle during the winter, but in fact, the colder temperatures can boost performance. White snow will reflect sunlight and improve photovoltaic function, meaning you will get more power out of your panels. Of course, snow will cause your panels to operate less efficiently if they’re covered in snow. 

2) Solar panels can handle a bit of ice and snow.

Solar panels are tilted at an angle to get maximum sunlight. They’re also rated to withstand certain weights. You should be able to compare ratings between panel models before you purchase them. In almost any scenario, your solar panels can withstand the weight of snow. However, if they are covered in an icy blanket, your solar panels won’t be producing electricity. If this is a concern, consider buying and using a roof snow rake

3) You live in the right place!

Even if you live outside of the sun belt, your property is likely still a great fit for solar panels – it’s not as simple as living in a dry, hot desert! Many colder areas are still well-suited for panel installation. In fact, if you live in the northern regions of the USA, you’ll likely see extra long summer days compensate for shorter, darker winters. Consider checking out Easy Solar Prices to get a quote and see how affordable solar panels can be for you.

4) It’s cheaper and faster to install in the winter!

Solar installers have a busy season, and would you believe it? The busy season for solar panels is the hot, sunny season of the year! If you show interest in solar installation during the off-season, when it’s colder out, you will get better customer service and better rates. Winter is the perfect time to go solar. When it cools down outside, you can get a hotter deal. When you feel a hint of chill in the air, be sure to compare quotes at Easy Solar Prices for the best deal on solar panel installation.

Now that you’ve learned why solar panels are right for your home, it’s time to get a quote on your very own solar installation! Don’t worry – it doesn’t require hours of paperwork or sifting through contractors. All you need to do is visit to get a free quote! It’s time to go green and reduce your energy bill today with solar panels!