Four Best Ways To Stay Healthy During the Winter

It’s never fun being sick. Here are some tips on staying healthy.

Staying healthy in the wintertime can be tough, especially since people tend to stay indoors to keep out of the cold. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy during the winter especially since the flu season is upon us.

If you’re sick, take care of yourself

Nobody likes being sick especially when it’s cold outside and when it seems like everyone else is sick. Drink plenty of warm fluids such as herbal tea with honey to remedy any sore throats. Make sure that when you sneeze, that you sneeze into your sleeve or a tissue. If you do go outside to a public place, and you are coughing or sneezing, wear a disposable mask such as a surgical mask to prevent spreading germs to others. If you do have the flu, or are coughing and sneezing excessively, consider taking a few personal days off of work to prevent the spread of germs to your co-workers. Considering asking your boss if you can work remotely.

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Wash Your Hands Frequently

It’s important to practice healthy hygiene and the best line of initial defense is to wash your hands frequently. To properly and effectively wash your hands, run your hands under warm water, then generously apply soap to your hands. Scrub and lather rigorously and make sure you wash both sides of your hands, in between your fingers, and your wrists. Rinse off any soap with warm water and dry thoroughly with a clean paper towel. Avoid using reusable towels when you’re sick since many other people may have touched them. If you don’t have access to soap and water, use alcohol based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content to ensure you kill germs and bacteria.

You can exercise indoors too

If you are in a colder climate and don’t want to go outside, consider joining a local gym, such as Planet Fitness or your local YMCA/YWCA. There are plenty of ways to get exercise that don’t involve spending time outdoors. Take advantage of shopping malls and department stores as a way to get cardio walks in. Many indoor malls are open early on weekends to allow walkers and joggers to walk laps around the common areas.

Plan a vacation

A lot of people travel to warmer climates to get away from the cold. Consider taking a vacation to somewhere warmer such as California, Arizona, Texas, or Florida to escape the cold. There are a lot of last minute getaway deals out there if you travel during off-peak season such as in February or March. Many places and airlines have special rates available if you travel during the weekday. Consider taking a mid-week holiday instead of a weekend holiday to rest and relax somewhere warm.

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